What is Soft Wash 

Soft Washing is the process of using low pressure to do all of the cleaning required of various surfaces on a home's exterior. 150psi is the maximum pressure used in the Soft Washing method, compared to upwards of 4000psi used with pressure washing.


Why Soft Wash

Choosing Soft Washing over power washing ensures that your home will be free from the dangers, and damages associated with high power pressure cleaning. Soft Washing is a very gentle approach to exterior home cleaning, and gives the home a deeper, more effective cleaning. The pressure washing technique simply blasts spores of mold and mildew around or in some cases even pushing those spores deeper into the surface being cleaned; while Soft Washing kills the spores of mold and mildew at the root, thus preventing their return much sooner leaving your property clean for a longer time.


Pressure Washing

Still has it's place and is still a effective way of cleaning.  We still use pressure washers when we need them.  It is a great way to clean concrete with the use of Surface Cleaners.  We do this in conjunction with Soft Washing.  Before we Surface Clean any concrete we'll apply our Soft Washing mix to further clean and keep your concrete looking better for longer.


Key Benefits

Enhanced appearance due to use of Cleaning Agents

Cost efficiency- reduced labor, setup times, time on job as Soft Washing is quicker.

Algae, Mold and Mildew are killed instead of power washed and rinsed away.  This keeps the property cleaner for longer.  This is essentially mold remediation.

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